Our Donation Process

Every Purchase Donates a Pair to Someone in need. But How?

Donations from You

First and foremost, we need your support. With every sock sold, we donate another to someone in need. With each purchase made, we're able to add to our donations and increase our impact to those in need. Each month we match the socks purchased, with donation socks and begin the process of giving back. We couldn't do it without you.

Specifically Engineered Socks

We have spent years perfecting the perfect donation sock. From contacting organisation and feedback recieved, we know the socks need to be dark, hard-wearing colours and an appropriate thickness for the season. Our Donation socks are also all anti-bacterial, which makes a great difference in preventing infections where the ability to wash socks is less.

Donation Day Deliveries

Once we have matched our donation pairs to those purchased, we will order our specifically designed donation socks every few months (or more where demand requires), from our Sedex audited factories, using only quality and ethical materials. We collect these ourselves and then begin the process of allocating and and getting the sokcs to those in need.

Donation Partners

Our amazing donation partners, then collect or recieve as many donations as possible. Our Donation Partners are trusted charities, organisations and groups, who effectively distribute our donations out to the community, to those who need them most. We aim for a representation of donation partners across the country, so each corner of the UK recives donations!

Goals Set

With every donation day we complete, it is truly amazing to see the impact this has on those in need. It encourages us to donate more and more, and we will set ourselves new donation goals to achieve in the future, expanding our impact. Last year, we achieved our goal of 250,000 pairs donated, and this year we hope to add another 50,000!

The sock that does good

People wonder if we give the same socks that we sell, and we don't for the reason fashion socks mostly aren't suitable. Working closely with our partners, we mastered a sock specifically made for people we support.

This includes durable but versatile, antibacterial socks that don't need to be washed as often, and reinforced seams and darker colours give them longer lifespan and less visible wear.

Buy one = Give one

Over 250,000 socks donated.

Giving Partner Application

If you would like to apply to be a giving partner, or would like to recommend an organisation which could use our support, please apply below.


Giving Partner Application